Results of ISOA conference “Sunflower Oil Production, Quality and Applications”

On Sep. 4-5th,2018, International Sunflower Oil Association (ISOA) in collaboration with the Trakya University held a technical symposium in Edrine, Turkey on “Sunflower Oil Production, Quality and Applications”.The conference mainly focused on sunflower breeding, oil quality, oil processing and applications. 60 participants from eight countries ( Turkey, China, Ukraine, Pakistan, Belgium, India, Myanmar, USA) joined the symposium.

The aim of the conference is to provide a venue for highlighting latest scientific and technological developments in sunflower seed oil production, utilization and quality. The conference also gave an opportunity to the scientists to present their research results expanding the current knowledge in the field and the industry personnel to introduce new products which may be interest to the global sunflower seed oil community. We hope that this conference will facilitate a lively dialog between the scientific community and the industry. The program commenced with a plenary session on sunflower oil markets, economics, policies and regulations governing sunflower seed oil trade. The afternoon session one focused on the technical aspects of sunflower seed oil processing, production and applications. Session two focused on sunflower oil and crop production, genetics and new trends. 15 speakers gave a wonderful presention on sunflower oil technical progress.

Last but not least, We would like to thank all participants for joining to this conference. We extend our special thanks and gratitude to our sponsors and collaborators for supporting this event.