Sunflower oil is traditionally considered as one of TOP-4 most used vegetable oils (this list also includes palm, soybean and rapeseeds oils). Traditionally, the main regions of sunflower oil consumption are EU and former Soviet counties, where sunflower oil was the main cooking oil during the centuries. But due to increase of international trade and more favorable price for sunflower oil this kind of oil is receiving more and more global popularity. Its proved by the fact that last several seasons main markets of sunflower oil exports were in such big and new markets as India and China.


Also, in 2016 year the sunflower oil was exported to more than 110 countries of the world!

One of the ISOA’s targets is to assist international trade of sunflower oil and make this healthy and quality product available for customers around the globe. We help to develop the trade of sunflower oil by next kinds of activities:

  • arranging and supporting international conferences for buyers and sellers of sunflower oil (Events)
  • on our site members and no-members could leave their offers and bids for sunflower oil (Sell/Buy)
  • distributing sunflower oil market trends and price information, S&D balances to our members in monthly reports (Membership)
  • publish all news and important industry information about main events on the global sunflower oil market on our site and on Twitter page (@ISOA_official)


Please find below some interesting diagrams about global sunflower oil production and trade.