About ISOA


As of today, sunflower oil has the highest nutrition value but it is the less promoted among four main vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed and palm).


  • Global sunflower oil production increased by 43% for the last 10 years – to 15.1 million tonnes in 2015/16 MY, the forecast for 2016/17 is 16.7 million tonnes (+10%).
  • The major global producers of sunflower oil are Ukraine, Russia, European Union and Argentina.
  • The share of SFO in total production of 4 key vegetable oils - CPO, SBO, RSO and SFO, forecast to increase from 9.8% in 2015/16 MY to 10.3% in 2016/17MY.
  • Sunflower oil export is growing faster than production – by 95% for the last 10 years.
  • Ukraine alone accounts for 1/3 of world SFO production and 56% of its export globally.
  • Sunflower oil consumption is growing with main increase in such countries as India and China.

International Sunflower Oils Association (ISOA) was established in 2015 in Rome by group of establishing members, included representatives of main national associations and industry companies from China, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Spain and Argentina.

ISOA is the international non-profit organization, aimed at promoting of international trading with sunflower oil. The organization plans realizing both scientific and trading levels of sunflower oil promotion.

List of ISOA establishing organizations: CCOA, Wilmar, Ukroliyaprom, APK-Inform, Argentinian Sunflower Association – ASAGIR, Russian Union of Vegetable Oils Producers and International Sunflower Association.

The launch ceremony of the International Sunflower Oil Association was presented during International Sunflower Oil Symposiumin October 2015 in China. The first Board of Directors was announced during the ceremony, current list of members of board is available here.

The Association is a non-profit association and its purposes are the following:

  • Promote to establish the international scientific standard of sunflower oil and value added products of sunflower seed.
  • Promote and foster uniformity of commerce and trade among countries in the fields of sunflower oil.
  • Encourage and promote improved communications between and among sunflower oil producers, industry groups, academic researchers and local governments.
  • Enhance sunflower oil additional value and enlarge commercial application fields.
  • Sponsor training programs to assist members in their technical work and development to improve sunflower oil production and support nutrition research.